Do I need to book a class in advance?

Please ALWAYS book in advance by e-mailing or calling the teacher you want to book in with or by emailing Julia or 07785 250436. Classes at The Yoga House are spacious and small so therefore booking is essential. We want to save your space and have your mat ready for you.

Why do you have a 24 notice of cancellation policy?

We have this in place to benefit both teachers and clients.  As classes are so small in size if someone books a space and then doesn't attend the teacher misses out on being paid and clients on the waiting list for classes also miss out.  With 24 hours notice we have time to book in another client who may be looking for a space in that class.  This means that if you do cancel within 24 hours of your class then you will still be charged for that class.

What should I wear?

It is really important to be comfortable when you come to yoga so nothing too tight or restrictive.  Normal workout clothing is fine and it is good to have layers so you can take something off if you get too hot or put something on if you get cold! Also, it is good to have bare feet in the studio as it prevents you slipping on the yoga mat.

What should I bring?

You don't need anything.  We have plenty of mats and props, blankets, bolsters and blocks at the studio. Of course if you would prefer to use your own mat you are more than welcome.  We also provide chilled RODI (reverse osmosis) filtered water so no need to bring a drink.

How much is a class?

Classes vary in price depending on teacher. All teachers offer discounts for multiple class purchases. The more you come to class the cheaper it is!

How do I pay?

All teachers have their own booking systems - most are online so you can pay by card.

Do I need to arrive earlier than the advertised class time?

It is good to arrive 5 minutes before the start of class.  This will give you time to removed coat/shoes and settle into your mat space.

Where do I park?

There is ample parking on Blatchington Road which is free.  Please be careful which side of the road you park on as there are parking restrictions in place depending on the time of your class: the RIGHT hand side of the road as you drive down is free for 2 hours all day and the LEFT hand side of the road is free all day after 10am. Please do not park on Upper Cumberland Walk as this is a private road.

Can I do yoga with an injury?

Yes, yoga is known to help build strength and flexibility after injury but it is essential that you check with your health professional whether you are fit to practice and also make sure you tell your yoga teacher about your condition.

What is your cancellation policy?

We operate a 24 hours notice of cancellation.  As classes are small and spacious at The Yoga House there are often waiting lists for classes so we need time to notify students if a space becomes available.

Are there any age restrictions?

Anyone can do yoga.  There are no age restrictions and all classes can be modified depending on the students attending.

Do you offer one to one tuition?

One to One tuition is offered at £60 per hour.  Please book this through Julia by calling 07785 250436 or e-mailing on