Mindful Yoga

As yoga practice has become more and more popular over the last 20 years in the UK, in many cases, it has become more and more about the pure physical asanas (postures) and less and less about the mind and the breath.  In essence, it has become just another exercise class like circuits, boxercise or body pump.  Here at the Yoga House we really believe in yoga as a holistic practice for body and mind.  

While we embrace all the physically challenging aspects of posture practice we place equal emphasis on looking after the whole being - body and mind.  The Yoga House Founder Julia says:

"I like to teach yoga the way I practice yoga.  For me, working with the breath as a link between the body and the mind is an essential part of yoga practice.  I like people to leave The Yoga House feeling they have worked hard but that they are leaving feeling more relaxed, calm and centred than when they arrived."

The new buzz work is 'mindfulness' but it is really just another word to describe what yogis have been practising for centuries.  Practising postures is stage one of yoga. Practising postures, working with the breath to calm the mind is what yoga is really about.  That is the philosophy we follow at The Yoga House.

In the modern world our minds are full of excess 'stuff'.  We can't stop thinking about all the things we need to do and places we need to be and yoga is a way of taking a break from the stress of day to day life while creating a little harmony in the body both physically and mentally.

As the ancient sage Patanjali says: "Yogas citta vrtti nirodhah" - Yoga is the restraint of the mind stuff.  

If this sounds like something you would like to try then we would love to welcome you to The Yoga House.