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The Yoga House hosts workshops on a variety of topics giving you the chance to immerse yourself in your yoga practice.  

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Thursday 10 January - 7 February 1930-2030

Join Brigid for this introduction to yoga. If you have wanted to try yoga but been too anxious to join an established class or just really want to give yoga a go then this is for you. Brigid will take you through all the foundational postures of yoga and ease you into your practice.



Friday 18 Janurary 1230-1500 £30

Join Julia for the immersive workshop. She will take you through the yogic practice of creating a sankalpa. This is a sacred vow relating to goals you have in life or something that you care deeply about. Our most similar tradition is a ‘New Years’ Resolution’ - but have you ever wondered why our resolutions often fail? We then experience guilt and disappointment. This workshop will look at how yoga can help you to achieve your goals and resolutions through creating them in an auspicious way and then embedding them in a way that will make them last and help you to actually realise them instead of giving them up. The workshop will flow through yoga asana, meditation, relaxatioin, discussion and yoga nidra. A truly liberating and very special experience.



Friday 18th January 1830-2100

Each person is a unique facet or reflection of the Infinite Self, a living process of Source materialising into matter, each cell suffused with the consciousness of Source.

At our most basic level, our cells and fluid system contract and expand in response to our experiences with the world around us. When we experience something painful our cells contract and tighten, protectively reducing our ability to feel. An accumulation of life experiences over time can create chronic tension, resistance and body-armouring. When it is too painful to be present in our matter, we are cut off from the very wisdom that lies at the heart of it. Blocking the energy flow in this way cuts our ability to be present in the body, to experience ourselves as fully alive.

In Kundalini Yoga we are examining the flow of energy through the system. We experience energy directly as excitement, a charge, a vibration. As we work with these energetic forces we expand our awareness and capacity to thrive in life. Recognising that all things are born from Source and even at their most crystallised point there is consciousness at the essence seeking liberation and a return back to Source.

In Body-Centred Awareness we explore the lived body as a centre of experience, where both its movement capabilities and range of sensations are an essential part of the deep structure of all knowing. Understanding the body as consciousness we seek to reduce deeply held tension in order to restore and support the energetic field.

Join me for a sensory approach to Kundalini Yoga as we practice both honouring our current reality and developing our capacity for an expanded expression and more satisfying livin