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The Yoga House hosts workshops on a variety of topics giving you the chance to immerse yourself in your yoga practice.  

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Thursday 25 April 1930-2030

Join Brigid for this introduction to yoga. If you have wanted to try yoga but been too anxious to join an established class or just really want to give yoga a go then this is for you. Brigid will take you through all the foundational postures of yoga and ease you into your practice.



Saturday 6 April 1400-1600 £30

Springtime is the season of rebirth: the pulse of life awakens, the earth warms, and buds unfurl, opening to the sun. Nature blooms with ease, but for us, it's not always a graceful transition.

Join Verity Megan on Saturday April 6th, for an afternoon designed to inspire better health and living, so you can blossom into Spring!

As the natural world emerges from its winter slumber, we too awaken, experiencing a renewed sense of joy and inspiration. But for many, the residue of winter can cloud the transition leaving us feeling groggy, lethargic, dull, depleted and heavy. Spring is also associated with colds, congestion, hay fever, and allergies. Thankfully, by implementing a seasonal routine we can overcome Spring’s challenges while promoting optimal health so that we can align with, and celebrate the gifts this season has to offer.

Benefits of a Spring Routine:

Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of a spring cleanse to help us renew and revitalise physically, mentally and emotionally. This is the time of year to shed any excess heavy energy (both emotional and physical) which has accumulated through the winter months, and welcome freshness and light!

By harnessing tools from ancient healing science of Ayurveda, we can cultivate balance and equanimity through the seasonal changes for more harmonious living. Honour the elemental changes and embrace the natural rhythms to consciously welcome this new phase.

What to expect:

• Learn more about the fascinating wisdom of Ayurveda, and how simple additions to your routine, diet, and lifestyle can help reset after the winter months.

• Learn how to channel your energy appropriately to promote optimum health through this transitional season.

• Discover simple ways to replenish energy levels and strengthen your immune system.

• Enjoy a rejuvenating yoga practice; including a strengthening flow to open the body and evoke mental clarity, restorative poses will transition seamlessly into a meditation designed to awaken and inspire!

All levels and abilities are welcome.