Workshops & Events

The Yoga House hosts workshops on a variety of topics giving you the chance to immerse yourself in your yoga practice.  

This term.....


Workshop with Liz Lark

Liz will use her creativity and dance experience to create a flowing and imaginative yoga session.

FRIDAY 8 DECEMBER 1230-1430 £25

Please book directly with Liz Lark on


Workshop with Lolly Patenhall

FRIDAY 15 DECEMBER 1230-1500 £25

Please book directly with Lolly on

Settling into the winter yoga workshop.

A three part session of yin, warming vinyasa and a guided relaxation.

‘water gives life to the ten thousand things and does not strive.’

A session to surrender, to flow and to return home to ourselves.

Water is the element of winter, when the potential plant is but a seed. Winter calls us back to look into our depths and to befriend the darkness.


Workshop with Lucy Lucas

FRIDAY 5 JANUARY 2018 1930-2130 £25

Start the new year with two hours of candlelit yin yoga and guided meditation.  Perfect for recovery from the seasonal period and the first week back at work! Yin yoga is a mindful slow form of the practice with long holds of up to two minutes.  The intention of yin yoga is to open connective tissue and joints in a safe, relaxed way.  There are no standing poses and most of the time is spent lying or sitting.  Yin brings us into our relaxation mode, away from our stress response, making this a great practice for this hectic time of year.  Lucy is an experienced mindfulness and meditation teacher.  This class will end with a long guided meditation in savasana.


Workshop with Julia Maitland

FRIDAY 12 JANUARY 2018 1230-1430 £27

Join Julia for this two hour immersion into the ancient art of Yoga Nidra - the Sleep of Awakening.  This workshop is all about finding a state of effortlessness and ease.  The workshop will take you through different methods of relaxation including gentle movement and we will explore the ways that Yoga Nidra can offer healing and strengthening.  If you are feeling frazzled after the festive period and would like to detox, revitalise and rejuvenate all by simply lying under a blanket then this is the workshop for you! The session will finish with a long session of guided Yoga Nidra to take you to a deep state of relaxation.  

Please wear warm layers of clothes and bring socks and a pillow to this session.